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Q: Please clarify/elaborate on your response concerning a lifetime limit of 3,120 hours for rehired annuitants working without an offset in annuity payments. I am employed by the Defense Intelligence Agency, under the Federal Employees Retirement System as a contract specialist (GG-1102). DIA’s human resources department has informed me that I can continue to work as a rehired annuitant for up to five years without any offset in my annuity. I have had this same information provided by the Air Force human resources department. Is there a special exemption for GG-1102 positions, given that there is an accurate shortage of experienced GG-1102 personnel and the lengthy time it takes to become proficient in this career field? My “lifetime limit of 3,120 hours” will reached in March 2010, and I don’t want to be in the position of having to repay any salary at a later date. I tried to research the answer in PL 111-94, but found it too lengthy and confusing.

A: Apparently, you were hired under a special authority granted to the Defense Department. Your personnel office has already told you how long you can remain on the rolls. The other authority to which you referred was prospective and applies only to annuitants who are hired after it was enacted.


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  1. It’s my understanding that all DOD employees are still allowed to be hired as reemployed annuitants regardless of occupational series and will not have their annuities offset by their wages. In fact they may be appointed for longer than five years so long as the position they are hired for is hard to fill, or they posesse unique skills not usually found in the workforce.

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