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Q. I retired from the U.S. Department of Agriculture after 30 years of service under CSRS. Before going to work for the government, I worked on odd jobs in the private sector and earned 25 credits under Social Security. I need 15 more to qualify for a Social Security benefit. My wife has more than enough Social Security credits to qualify for a benefit. Could I borrow any of those excess credits from her?

A. No, you can’t. You’ll have to earn them yourself.


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  1. Also, your social security benefit will be reduced likely by half after earning those 15 credits. Congress decided that your CSRS retirement should suffice and both benefits would be “double dipping “

  2. My annual Social Security Statement said that I’ll be getting $ 700.00 at age 62. When I went to their office, the customer service lady told me that I will be getting $500.00 because I did not reach full retirement age which is 66 and 6 months. Which is correct the Statement or the lady? I’m 62 years old and CSRS Offset. Thanks

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