Q. I would not want to give back a year’s worth of pay, 200 hours more worth of annual leave and another 100 hours of sick leave. Take a look around — how many managers do you see giving back? They are by far the worst offenders when it comes to abuse of sick leave. The term hypocrite doesn’t even come close to describing what they practice.

Q. I am about submit my medical retirement paperwork on Jan. 10, 2017. Will I be able to buy back my military time (1983-1986) after submitting my retirement paper work? Do you happen to know the amount I would have to pay? I was hired in 2003 and will be retiring in 2017 from Customs and Border Protection.

Q. I understand that there is a bill in Congress to eliminate the windfall all together and reinstate the monies that have been deducted monthly. I understand that if it is passed it will only pertain to future monthly annuity and will not cause a retroactive effect back to when we retired. Can you shed any light on the status of this bill?

Q. I will be able to retire on Dec. 19, 2018, at 57 years old, so I will have the time and the age, but I will probably retire at the end of the month on the last full pay period in December. How do I calculate the FERS special retirement supplement between 2018 (age 57) and the time I turn 62 years of age?

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