Q. I have been approved for FERS disability retirement but I am not receiving any checks yet. My High-3 pay is around $53,300. I only worked for 2½ years. What would my annuity payments be? I am 65 years old and on $1,100 a month of Social Security disability. How will the FERS disability affect my Social Security disability?

Q. Working to Jan. 3, 2018, means an employee leaves the second Thursday of the first pay period of 2018 with 3 days (Jan. 4-6) not worked. Is a partial sick or annual leave benefit calculated and added for the worked days in the partial pay period? Also, is there an online calculator to calculate a retirees annuity and the additional days necessary to add one month using data from one’s High-3, time in service, and annual and sick-leave balances?

Q. I am retiring Aug. 31 this year as a FERS employee from the National Institutes of Health, an agency with the Department of Health and Human Services. I carried more than 240 hours and I get eight hours each pay period. I currently have 312.5 hours. I have two pay periods left before I retire, which would give me 16 additional hours. And then based on what my final pay check will include, with an annual leave payout on Sept. 9, I calculate that those three pay periods will add 24 hours, which brings my leave to a total of 336.5 hours.…

Q. I have two years of military service, from 1974-1976. I have worked for the federal government for 15 years, Is it worth buying back the time?

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