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Q: I am a federal law enforcement officer under the Federal Employees Retirement System. I have 23 years of service and can retire at age 50 just prior to completing 25 years. My human resources department did my calculations for me (I have tried to estimate my own for the last few years) and I have a question about one item. They computed the average of my high-3, gave me the numerical figure and took out money for health and life insurance. Then they added $400 for a FERS annuity. Now here’s the problem: A co-worker claims that is our Social Security Supplement. I say it can’t be since my supplement (based on the last figure of $2,100/age 62) should be higher (60 percent of $2,100). Is the FERS annuity extra, and the supplement can’t be added by our HR department since it would be different for each individual?

A: Rather than my trying to discover what’s going on, I suggest that you go to http://www.FEDbens.us and use the handy software there to calculate both your FERS annuity and the special retirement supplement.


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