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Q: Do partial years of service count toward one’s FERS benefit? As I understand it, if I work exactly 22 years in federal service, am at least 60 years old and my high-3 is $60,000, my benefit is equal to 22 x 1.1% x $60,000 = $14,520. If I work exactly 22 years and three months, is my benefit equal to 22.25 x 1.1% x $60,000 = $14,685? As I understand it, partial months are dropped, so if I work exactly 22 years, three months and 18 days, my benefit would still be $14,685. I really did try to find this information online, but did not see the answer there.

A: Yes, all years and full months of service count when computing an annuity. Any days that don’t add up to a full month are dropped.


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