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Q: I am a reservist with 33 years of service, six of which were active. I purchased that time back before I became a Federal Employees Retirement System employee. I spent four years in the reserves that were not covered in my computation date. A typical year has about 50 points for reserve weekends, then active duty for training (two weeks) and occasionally longer schools and so forth. What periods of reservist time can be bought back?

A: You can’t make a deposit to get credit for any reserve time, only periods when you were called to active duty. However, neither weekend drills nor annual periods of active duty for training are creditable under any circumstance. You’ll have to check with your branch of service to find out if your orders to attend longer periods of training would allow you to get credit and make a deposit to the civilian retirement system. Note: If you took annual leave or were placed on LWOP-US, they wouldn’t be.


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