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Q: Can you tell me how to compute my retirement pay of which I have nine years, three months, 20 days post-1956 military time that will be paid off soon? Also, I have 30 years in the post office of which the first six years are under CSRS and the rest are FERS to this date. My other question is, what years are included in the FERS supplement computation? Is it my whole 30 years of service in the U.S. Post Office or just the FERS service time, which is 24 years?

A: The CSRS component of your annuity will be calculated under the standard formula: 0.015 x 5 years of service x your high-3, plus 0.0175 x 1 year of service x your high-3. The FERS component will also be computed using a standard formula: 0.01 x all years of FERS service, unless you retire at age 62 or later. If you do, the multiplier will be increased to 0.011. The only years included in the special retirement supplement are those where you were actually employed under FERS.


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