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Q: I serve in the Air National Guard and as a full-time technician (dual status). I have been nonre-enlisted in the military at 58 and will have to leave the civilian technician position (GS-11) on April 11. My service comp time date is Jan. 18, 2000, which includes a five-year military buyback. Will I be eligible for the Social Security supplement when I leave/retire in April? Basically, if I cannot serve in the military I cannot hold the position. I have a projected income of about $1,200 monthly from Social Security at age 62. I will receive a “guard pension” starting in November 2012.

A: Yes, you will be eligible for the special retirement supplement until you reach age 62. The SRS will be based on the years you were a FERS employee. You will also be able to receive your FERS annuity and your reserve retired pay without a reduction in either.


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