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Q: I started in 1991 with 6(c) retirement and then I left federal service in 2000. After the Sept. 11, 2001, I returned to federal service with 6(c) coverage in 2002. After researching the new law, I was able to buy back my FERS coverage from Aug. 26, 1991, to May 20, 2000, with the redeposit of $5,497.84 and interest of $3,277.42. Since this came from the 6(c) FERS, will it go back to my current 6(c) FERS retirement?

A: I think what your asking is if your prior service as a law enforcement officer will be combined with your current service as a law enforcement officer and make you eligible to retire under the special retirement provisions. If so, the answer is yes. Service in a 6(c) position does not have to be continuous to qualify you for the special retirement benefits.


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