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Q: I am a CSRS employee who was disabled in 1984. I was approved for CSRS disability retirement on Jan. 24, 1985. I was approved for OWCP benefits. Now at 62 I am told I should convert from USDOL/OWVP compensation to disability retirement benefit. How does one compute the basic annuity? My retirement computed to Jan. 28, 1985, was as follows: $25,293 (high 3) for five years and four months of service which gave a basic annuity of $ 2,044, which computed to $843 per month. How much would that compute to in 2011?

A: Your annuity would be based on what it would have been had you retired on the date you went on workers comp, increased by any retiree cost-of living adjustments that have occurred since then. You’ll find a complete inventory of COLAs at www1.opm.gov/retire/annuity/cola/colalist.asp.


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