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Q: Is it possible for me to determine how much of an annuity I might expect to receive if I were to obtain a government job? I have approximately nine years of prior federal government service and I was under the CSRS retirement system. I also have two years of military time that I would like to include if possible. I would plan on buying in on my military time but not repaying my CSRS retirement that I withdrew at the time I left government service in 1985. I am 62 years old and would like to work between one and three more years under CSRS Offset. If my salary with the government job I am attempting to get is $100,000 per year, what kind of annuity might I expect?

A: If you returned to work for the government and made a deposit for your period of active duty service, you’d get credit for that time when your annuity was computed. If you didn’t redeposit the refund of your retirement contributions. plus accrued interest, your annuity would be actuarially reduced based on the amount you owe and your age when you retire. To do that computation, you’d have to know both how much you owe and the present value factor for the age at which you retire. Since you’d be retiring on or after reaching age 62, your annuity would automatically be reduced by the amount of Social Security benefit you earned while employed under CSRS Offset. You’d also be subject to the windfall elimination provision, which would reduce your annuity if you had fewer than 30 years of substantial earnings under Social Security. With that many variables involved, it wouldn’t be possible to provide you with an estimate of your annuity.


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