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Q: If one does not believe their contributions to CSRS retirement is reflected correctly, where would you go to have it checked out? I have been in touch with my local retirement office but they cannot answer my questions. What my pay statement reflects and what EBIS shows are two different figures. I do know numerous years ago, our finance office changed and I don’t think the figures reflect my pay contributions before the change.

A: According to OPM, “Active employees should speak with their Human Resources Office and payroll offices if there are any inconsistent deductions between pay statements and EBIS records. EBIS is not administered by OPM. Those offices should assist the active employee with any payroll discrepancies. ” For your reference, here is the link for the chapter in the CSRS manual on employee deductions: http://www.opm.gov/retire/pubs/handbook/C030.pdf.



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