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Q: I am retired from the postal service and I am under CSRS. My ex-wife receives almost half of my pension due to a court order. If I remarry, I know that I have to report that to OPM so my new wife can be under my survivor annuity. Do I have to let them know right away after I marry, and what is that two-year waiting period that I read about? Also, will money be taken out for both my ex-wife and my new wife? Please advise because I would like for my new wife to be able to collect on my annuity should anything ever happen to me.

A: Rather than attempt to summarize the rules here, which vary according to the nature of the court order, I suggest you go to www.opm.gov/retire/pubs/handbook/C052.pdf and read the sections on Survivor Elections after Retirement, Part 52A5 and 6 (CSRS) or 52B2 (FERS).


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