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Q: I am a federal government employee under FERS who has worked for 26 years and may consider a buyout, if offered. If I become a FEMA Disaster Assistance Employee (DAE), will I be subject to an annuity offset?

A: According to FEMA, “If you are a retired federal civil servant, your pay from FEMA may be subject to an offset. A copy of your annuity statement must be submitted to personnel yearly to be eligible for an annuity waiver during the first 120 days from the date of a presidential disaster declaration. The annuity waiver does not apply when deployed to conduct preliminary damage assessments or for an emergency presidential declaration.”


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  1. I am a FERS Law Enforcement retiree.
    I did not retire under a disability or buyout.
    I have been offered a 2 year contract to work with FEMA as a reservist, not a full-time position. Will there be an off-set to my annuity?
    What are my options, if any to eliminate any type of offset?
    thank you for your time

    • It depends on your appointment. If you are viewed as a federal employee, your annuity will be offset. if you are viewed as a private contractor or subcontractor, your annuity won’t be affected.

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