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Q: I was employed as a stenographer/secretary at the FBI in New York City from February, 1967, through May, 1971, resigning to start a family. At the present time, I am a six year, seven month employee of the Township of Andover, in Newton, N.J., a municipality of the State of New Jersey. Is there a possibility that I could buy back my FBI employment time, to add to my New Jersey pension time? If you cannot provide an answer, would you direct me to the proper contact to find out this info?

A: First, a redeposit of retirement contributions can only be made by someone who is an employee of the federal government. Second, even if you returned to work for the federal government and redeposited that money, plus interest, it’s highly unlikely that it would be considered creditable by a state. However, that determination could only be made by your current employer.


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