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Q: I am about to retire from the NAtional Labor Relations Board.  My Agency has asked if I would perform hearings and other tasks that could not be accomplished by any local person due to specialized qualifications and experience. Is there a procedure for me to collect my full annuity and get paid by an hourly rate with no offsets or reductions?

A: Your agency would have one of two avenues to pursue if it wants to bring you back onboard and waive the normal offset to your annuity. They could ask OPM to approve your appointment based on an exceptional recruiting or retention need or, on their own, use a limited time appointment under Section 112 of Public Law 111-84, because they have a need to fulfill a function critical to the mission of the agency. Such an appointment would be for one year or less. In either case, none of the time you spent would be creditable for any retirement purpose. When you separated, your annuity would simply continue.


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