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Q: I am a 60-year-old CSRS retiree enrolled in an FEHB family plan. My wife is several years younger than me. If I enroll in Medicare at age 65, what happens to my wife’s FEHB coverage? Do I need to continue my FEHB plan even after I enroll in Medicare to insure she is covered? Would I be better off forgoing Medicare and just relying on my FEHB plan?

A: In order for your wife to continue her coverage, you’ll need to maintain your FEHB enrollment in the self and family option. While you will be eligible for Medicare Part A coverage at no cost to you when you reach age 65, you’ll need to decide whether to enroll in Part B, for which you’d have to pay the premiums. Before making up your mind about the latter, consult your FEHB plan brochure to learn the pluses and minuses of enrolling in Part B.


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