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Q: I have 12 years under FERS and plan to retire in three to four years at 59 or 60 and then take early Social Security at 62. I’m also receiving military retirement for my 23 years in the Air Force (enlisted E-8). Someone mentioned I might receive a reduced amount from what is listed on the Social Security projection because I’m retired military and will be drawing both FERS and military retirements. Can I expect to receive the amount listed on my annual Social Security statement or will it be reduced because of my military and FERS retirements?

A: That someone was wrong. You’ll receive the Social Security benefit you earned while in the service, employed under FERS, and working at any other jobs from which Social Security deductions were taken. FYI: If you retire at age 59 or 60, you’ll be doing so under the MRA+10 provision, and your annuity will be reduced by 5 percent for every year you are under age 62.


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