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Q: We were advised at a retirement seminar to check that we have a copy of the designated beneficiary form for life insurance, the TSP, retirement and unused leave. I do not have a copy of the designated beneficiary form that I completed for retirement and unused leave. Since I plan to work three more years, it behooves me to request these forms. What is the title and/or number of the specific forms I need to complete?

A: You filled out the necessary forms when you were hired. The only question is whether the designations you made then are the ones you want now. To find out, go to your personnel office and ask to see your official personnel folder (OPF). If changes are needed, you can fill out a Standard Form 2823, Designation of Beneficiary, for your life insurance, and 2808 (CSRS) or 3102 (FERS), Designation of Beneficiary, for survivor benefits. There isn’t any form for unused annual leave because it’s automatically included as one of the survivor benefits.


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