HR error and high-3


Q. Recently, I was informed that human resources made and error when I was recruited to my position. I was given four additional steps to meet my salary needs to accept the position. HR has learned that they were not authorized to give and has taken them away. This has now created an overpayment.

Secondly, I was allowed to maintain my previous station pay scale. My salary has been cut by approximately $18,000. How does this affect my retirement? If I request a waiver or hearing, will my last two years of salary (which are part of my high-3) be counted in my retirement? Is it better to request a waiver or a hearing to support my high two years of salary?

A. I can’t advise you about what to do. All I can tell you is that your annuity will be based on your highest three consecutive years of average basic pay as reported to the Office of Personnel Management. If the original pay you received is uncorrected, that will be what’s reported. If it’s corrected, that’s what will be reported.


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