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Q. My position is scheduled for desk audit. We have received a lot of misinformation or no information. If I’m downgraded, how does it affect pay?

Second, I was told by a supervisor that our pay would remain the same only for two years and if you have not found another position to match your pay, it will drop to the new GS position’s pay.

A. If the desk audit results in a downgrade, you would be entitled to two years of pay retention. After those two years, you will be entitled to indefinite pay retention. However, if your former rate of basic pay is greater than the maximum rate of pay range for the new position, your former rate will continue as a retained rate (not to exceed 150 percent of the maximum rate of pay for the grade in which you have been placed. You will then receive 50 percent of any annual pay increases until that maximum rate equals or exceeds your higher retained rate. At that point, pay retention will end.


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