Present on last day before retiring


Q. Do I have to be present for duty on the last day of work before retiring? I have medical appointments to meet on the week I am retiring. I am unable to reschedule for the next four months because of a serious illness.

A. There is no legal or regulatory requirement that you be at work on the day you retire.


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  1. I am scheduled to retire on 8/31 and will be suspending my FEHB to be covered by Tricare Humana instead since my husband is retired mil. I have a procedure scheduled for 9/6 under my FEHB provider which I would like them to carry out rather than begin new testing and scheduling with a new provider. Does my FEHB end on my day of retirement or can I choose for it to end 9/30, instead.

    • From the FEHB program’s point of view, you can suspend your coverage any time you desire. Practically speaking, it would make better sense to postpone that decision until you are medically in the clear.

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