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Q. How do I calculate, or on what Office of Personnel Management form can I find the retirement service computation date? I work for the Veterans Affairs Department, and all I see on my leave and earnings statement is a service computation date. I have read that the RSCD can be found on the Personal Statement of Benefits, but I cannot locate that, either. Any suggestions?

A. According to OPM, “Many people think that their creditable service starts with their SCD, but this is not true.

“They see SCD (service computation date) on their LES and SF-50, but that is not the date OPM uses for your retirement calculation. SCD is for leave purposes only.

“Your creditable service is based on your RSCD (retirement service computation date).

“Technically, OPM uses your RSCD to determine the beginning of your years in service for the pension calculation.

“You can find your estimated RSCD on your Personal Statement of Benefits. But this is just an estimate. OPM does not calculate your official RSCD until after you retire.

“But you can determine your RSCD by a thorough review of your SF-50s.”


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