National Guard service before becoming a federal employee


Q. I retired as a National Guardsman after 22 years of service, 17 of which were Title 10 Active Guard Reserve. I was recently hired as an federal employee. I’m confused about selling my time back, so here are my questions:

1. I’m only 45 and not collecting my guard retirement. As I understand it, I can sell back my federal active-duty time (17 years) and still be able to collect my guard retirement when I turn 60. Is that correct?

2. What is the cost to sell back those 17 years?

A. Service in the National Guard before becoming a federal employee is generally not creditable, except when ordered to active duty in the service of the United States. For any periods of active duty service that meet that criterion and were performed before 1999, the deposit would be 3 percent of your basic military pay (not including allowances and differentials), 3.25 percent in 1999, 3.40 percent in 2000, and 3 percent thereafter. If you completed the deposit within 3 years minus 1 day, no interest would be charged.


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