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Q. Due to BRAC, I am now a full time rehired annuitant. What is the “special retirement supplement” received after 30 years? In December 2014, I’ll have 30 years federal service, Army DOD. I’ll be 62 in February 2015. Will there be changes in the annuity due to coming of age to accept or reject low social security. Could you clarify?

A. The special retirement supplement approximates the amount of Social Security benefit a retiree earned while a FERS employee. It is paid to those who retired on an immediate unreduced annuity (not MRA+10) when they have reached their minimum retirement age and is payable until age 62, when they become eligible for a Social Security benefit. However, the SRS will be reduced or suspended if the retiree has earnings from wages or self-employment that exceed the annual Social Security limit. In 2014, that limit is $15,480.


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  1. I am a discontinued service rehired annuitant (title 32). I worked at a U.S. Army post and retired from the California Army National Guard civil service after 32 years of civil service. I received priority placement in 2013 at a nearby Marine base and was rehired. My new positon pay is being reduced by the amount of my annuity. I’ve been working for the Department of the Navy for over 3 years now.

    I applied for a management position and was selected along with seven other employee’s for temporary management positions for 365 days detail. After the 365 days detail management can change the positions to permanent without competition.

    Two month ago my trade’s division manager said he was submitting my temporary management position to permanent status. Today the human resource office said, I can’t be submitted for a permanent position, because I’m a reemployed DSR rehired annuitant.

    I can’t be promoted because I’m a discontinued service rehired annuitant? why?

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