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Q. I am a 41 year old federal employee who has 16 years’ experience. I have business opportunities outside of the federal government and was looking into ways to defer or postpone my annuity. I originally thought that at 20 years and 45 years of age, I would be able to defer, but I was told that is incorrect. I also have been told that I would have to work until 55 years of age or work for 30 years (which happens the same year for me) because those were the cut off points. Do I have any other options? I think I will be able to leave sooner rather than later if I am able to defer because of other opportunities.

A. You were on the right track; whoever told you differently was an ignoramus. Anyone who has at least five years of service can leave and apply for a deferred annuity. With fewer than 20 years of service, you could apply for one at 62. If you had 20 or more years of service, you could apply for one at age 60.


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