Q. My agency sent out applications to apply for VERA/VSIP. I am 57 years old (MRA is 56). I have a almost 34 years creditable service. With my sick leave it will be almost 35 years. Will I be VERA or VSIP? Is one better than the other, or do I even have a choice?

A. You would only have a choice if your agency offers it to you. If you were offered a VERA, you could simply retire. If you were offered a VERA, you could accept it and also retire.


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  1. The federal agency that work for just went under a major reorganization. We were chosen to stand up as a Shared Service Center. Would an event of this kind be considered a reason for a VERA/VISP and if so would there be a time limit to take advantage of an ‘early out’ retirement.

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