Health coverage after retirement


Q. This question is based on the scenario explained below:
Adam (current FERS) has 5-year self-&-family (S&F) health coverage. His spouse, Betty (also FERS), has been under Adam’s S&F coverage. Adam decides to retire with self-only-FEHB and no Survivor Benefit Option. So Betty enrolls in her own self-only-FEHB. Adam retires end of the year. Now Betty decides to retire end of next year. At that time Betty has only 2 years of FEHB coverage completed. Does Betty need 3 more years of self-only coverage to get her FEHB into retirement? Betty was under Adam’s policy for 3 years and under 2 years of her own self-only policy.

A. No, she doesn’t. She only has to be enrolled in or covered by the FEHB program for 5 years.


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