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Q. I plan to retire next month with 25 years as an 1811. I will be 49. My total government service will be 27 years. My benefits office indicates that I will not receive my Social Security supplement until I reach 62 years of age. That just does not sound right.

A. No, it doesn’t sound right. You’ll be immediately entitled to the special retirement supplement. The SRS ends at age 62, when you’ll be entitled to a Social Security benefit.


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  1. I am 43 years told and I will have 20 years in the government on July 17, 2015. I will be 44 on July 19th. I was thinking about retiring early. How would this affect me due to me not having the age.

    Will I still be about to keep my health insurance for me and my family at the same price that I am paying now?

    Will l I still be able to put money in my tsp if I retire?

  2. I was told that with 23 3/4 yrs of service and age 59 1/2 I could retire with no penalties, such as the 5 % a yr reduction of fers while under age 60. Is this correct?

  3. i have 25yrs with the usps im 49yrs old if i resign now what age will i need to be to get my defered annuinity some say 56 some say 62 please tell me

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