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Q. I will be retiring in December 2015. I have about 10 years of CSRS system time with around 350 hours of sick leave. I am currently a FERS employee with a total of 1,300 hours of sick leave. When my time is computed, will any remaining sick leave from CSRS that does not equal a full month be carried over to my FERS sick leave computation, or will that be dropped and lost? If so, it is conceivable I might lose 170 hours of sick leave from CSRS and another 170 hours from FERS?

A. Yes, it is possible, and even likely. The sick leave balance you had when you switched to FERS will be used in the computation of your CSRS annuity component. Any hours left over will be discarded. The same process will be used for sick leave hours accumulated after the switch.


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