Q: I plan on retiring at age 56. I will have 9.5 years creditable military service, (bought back), and 25 years FERS credit. Will the Social Security Supplement include the entire 35.3 years as the percentage of Social Security Supplement pay?

A: The special retirement supplement is based solely on a retiree’s actual years of FERS service. That’s because it’s paid out of the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, not the Social Security Trust Fund.


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  1. Patricia Hanson on

    Morning. I’m firs and retired since 2006. I will be going on Medicare shortly and need to cancel my health benefits ( blue cross) my husband and I are both covered with federal.
    We also have full coverage with his work but I am getting health in place for Medicare coverage.
    I can’t seem to get any help on having this cancelled. Does this need to be done during open season or can I cancel any time. If it has to be done during open season what forms do I need to fill out. Contacting anyone by phone is useless. Please help

    • Outside of Open Season, Annuitants who move outside of the area covered by their plan may enroll in a different plan covering their new location, and OPM may announce special Open Seasons affecting members of specific plans only. There are also a number of other circumstances which can make you eligible to enroll or change your FEHB coverage outside of Open Season.
      Call our Retirement Information Center at 1-888-767-6738 (or 1-800-878-5707 for a TDD for the hearing impaired). Annuitants in the Washington DC local calling area should dial 202-606-0551 for a TDD for the hearing impaired.
      Sending us email to retire@opm.gov.

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