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Q. I am currently retired and age 63 with a 75 percent reduction of basic life insurance. Can I continue to pay for life insurance at age 65 and beyond? If so, how will this affect the value of my insurance coverage?

A. When you reach age 65, you will no longer have to pay any premiums for your basic coverage. At that point, the coverage will decline by 2 percent per month until it reaches 25 percent of its original value.


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  1. I plan to retire at the age of 66 with 31 years of service. If I select 75 percent reduction of the life insurance, will I still have the full life insurance or will it be lesser? I’m just confused in selecting 75, 50 percent or none at all.
    thanks for you help, Evita

    • I am a postal/federal benefit specialist in North Carolina. First, it’s good to know that you know your OPTIONS! Most employees do not seem to. When you say “Full” life insurance, if you mean the Basic insurance, the answer depends. Being that it will reduce to 25% over 50 months, “Full” will be what it is after it reaches the 25% mark.

  2. I have a friend who retired from civil service in 2012, who was 66 and passed away unexpectedly. I am trying to find out who his wife can contact to receive his insurance policy. I ,too, am a retiree and I am not aware of who my wife should contact in the case of my death. Thank you.

    • A: Your friend will have to call the Office of Personnel Management at 1-888-767-6738 and report his death. OPM can help her get the proceeds of his Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance and determine if she is also entitled to survivor annuity.

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