Q. I retired on disability in 2000 after 24 years with USPS. A few year prior to that, when FERS was launched, I switched from CSRS to FERS. Now, in August of this year my disability retirement will convert to regular retirement. I understand the following will happen:
1. The additional 16 years I have been on retirement will be credited to my service.
2. All the time AFTER I switched to FERS will have the annuity calculated at 1.1 percent of my high-3 average per year.
3 All the time BEFORE my switch to FERS will be calculated under the CSRS formula.
Is this true? Some of the folks I talk to at OPM say that everything will be calculated under the FERS formula. This really hurts if true as I was not able to work enough credits to qualify for Social Security before getting hurt, and after becoming disabled I could not contribute to the TSP. Thanks.

A: Whoever told you that your entire annuity would be calculated under the FERS formula was mistaken. Because you have a CSRS component in your work history, that part will be computed under CSRS rules. For proof, go to and scroll to Section 61B2.1-3D4.


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