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Q. How do you apply for the special retirement supplement? My husband is working on his FERS retirement package and there is nothing in it to complete about it. Is there a form or something else to go with the retirement package? He is 56 and has 30-plus years, 8 years of military time. We understand military time is excluded.

A. No form is required. Because your husband meets the age and service required for an immediate unreduced annuity, he’ll automatically be entitled to the special retirement supplement. However, he won’t begin receiving it until his annuity is finalized, at which point he will also receive a retroactive payment for the months when it wasn’t included in his interim annuity payments.


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Reg Jones was head of retirement and insurance policy at the Office of Personnel Management. Email your retirement-related questions to fedexperts@federaltimes.com.


  1. Does discontinue service retirement (because of a agency RIF 2011) falls under special retirement after 38 years under civil service?

    • Are you telling me that you received a discontinued service retirement in 2011? If so, are you asking if you’d be entitled to the special retirement supplement? If so, what is your date of birth.

      • Thank you for responding, I received the discontinue service retirement under the civil service retirement system in August of 2012, my birth year is 1955.

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