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Q. I have worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs for 25 years, and I have always has Self Plus One coverage (no dependents). For several years I’ve been enrolled in the AvMed self and family health plan because it didn’t have the option for a Self Plus One plan. After realizing the increased premium, I asked human resources about it, who said OPM created a Self Plus One option in 2015. Since there is only one additional member (my spouse) who has legally used my health benefits, I am requesting a refund for the difference in premiums paid over the past months (starting Jan. 23, 2016). What is the procedure for this request? Are there any forms involved?

A. Even if you weren’t aware of the creation of the Self Plus One enrollment option, you aren’t entitled to a refund nor is there any procedure for requesting one.


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  1. Jacqueline Guynn on

    I recently added my husband Gary Guynn to my medical,dental, and prescription insurance. We received the dental card however it did not have the correct name on it. They had Gary Norman. Norman is his middle name. They said another one would be issued. Any idea when that was sent? He received the medical card. W are also waiting for the prescription card….any idea when that will arrive as he has medications to pick up I would appreciate your attention to this matter at your earliest convenience. My employee #is361659. Thank-you
    Jacqueline Guyn

    • I’ve forwarded your question to OPM’s Office of Communications and asked that they refer it to the correct operating office, and have that office correspond directly with you.

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