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Q. You’ve said that the special retirement supplement will be reduced or suspended if you have earnings from wages or self-employment that exceed the annual Social Security limit. I have heard that before, but I can’t find it anywhere in writing. Where can I find the rule that spells out the reduction?

A. You’ll find what you’re looking for at Just scroll to Section 51A3.1-1.


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  1. HELP – How do I get SRS reinstated? I earned it for about a year and lost it because of excessive post-retirement earnings. And the annual OPM earning survey ceased. I’ve since gone part-time and earned well under $15K limit for 2016. Letters, emails and phone messages to OPM have all gone unanswered. Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. Brent Moschetti on

    I retired at age 60 and have a monthly income from the sale of my business, also monthly income from rental property. Will this monthly income affect the amount I will get from Social Security?

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