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Q. At age 62, my Social Security benefit will be $1,214 per month. If I retire at 60 with 26 years of service, what would my monthly FERS special retirement supplement be?

A. You’ll find the methodology for computing that benefit at https://www.opm.gov/retirement-services/publications-forms/csrsfers-handbook/c051.pdf.


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  1. I retired FERS with 32 years…I thought I was getting $1080 until OPM called me up and because only 21 years was FERS, my SRS was $685. The other years were military years which I bought within the first 2 years of employment. Military does NOT count toward the SRS.

    • You are correct. Because the special retirement supplement is paid out of the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund – not the Social Security Fund – military time cannot be included in that computation.

  2. I am divorced and retired with 30 years of service under FERS and also get the FERS Supplemental Annuity in addition to my regular FERS retirement pay. My ex wife currently receives half of my federal retirement annuity which also includes the Supplemental Annuity Pay. The Supplemental Annuity will terminate when I reach the age of 62. When this happens, will I have to submit a Court Order to OPM (or does OPM automatically recalculate my retirement annuity) to ensure that my ex wife and I both receive an equal share of my remaining federal retirement annuity? My understanding is that if OPM does not recalculate my retirement annuity when the Supplemental Annuity is stopped, my ex wife will end up receiving all of my remaining regular retirement annuity and I won’t receive any annuity. How does this work?

  3. Michael Crawford on

    I’m a fers employee with the postal service, I have 28/1/2 yrs postal service and two yrs and 4 months military time. Can I retire now and still receive my supplement or do I have to wait until I get 30 yrs of postal time?

    • If you made a deposit to get credit for that period of active duty service, you could retire now. If you didn’t, you’d either have to make a deposit for that service or wait until you have 30 years of actual civilian service.

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