Future of the SRS


Q. There has been talk that the FERS supplemental is going to be done away with. Will it be replaced with another supplemental? What was the purpose of the supplemental in the first place? The cost of living has not gone down — it continues to go up each year. FERS employees will need some to bridge the gap before they can draw Social Security.

A. The purpose of the special retirement supplement is to bridge the income gap between when a FERS employee retires and he first becomes eligible for a Social Security benefit. While there has been talk about eliminating the SRS, there has never been any talk about replacing it.


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Reg Jones was head of retirement and insurance policy at the Office of Personnel Management. Email your retirement-related questions to fedexperts@federaltimes.com.


  1. How can they just do this to people after they have served almost 30 years of service and now change the retirement plan that they have been promised. They say that it will not effect the hiring of new workers, but if I knew they could just screw there people like this when I got hired I would have never applied for the position to begin with. We trusted our Government not to screw us.

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