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Q. Do you think the FERS supplement will still be available to me when I retire March 31, 2018? Or will it be eliminated by then?

A. Your question is unanswerable at present. No one knows if the special retirement supplement will be eliminated and, if it is, when it will become effective. All you can do is what I’m doing: keeping my eyes and ears open.


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  1. Reg, I thought the FERS supplement survived the Congress budget negotiations. The House version wanted to get rid of it first but the Senate version did not change it or the high three formula. After the Senate vote, its version was sent back to the house for conference (negotiations) but instead, the House just voted on and accepted the Senate version. It was explained “because any delay would interfere with the tax bill” then the House and Senate came up with the tax bill, That bill has two versions, House and Senate and is now in Congress conference to make one Tax bill. This is were we are today.

    But I have not heard of the President signing the Budget part into law yet. Is the whole “schbang” Budget and Tax bill related to be signed together at once?

    I have been sweating the FERS supplement going away most of the summer. I even celebrated when the Senate left our promised pensions alone. Even wrote and got a reply from my Senator.

    My retirement is 30Sept18. Last day of this fiscal year. I decided to not use my last three months sick leave as FML and go out Dec 31 instead because I think they will come back and try to take our retirement benefits away again in FY2019. I thought I was safe.

  2. …and why is there a threat of a government shutdown. The Budget was voted on. Are they waiting on the tax bill approval to go with it or it’s lights out at work till they approve something. Uncertain times indeed.

  3. I’m hoping they don’t take our srs. I’m retiring Mar 2018. If they do I hoping for a grandfather in clause to at the very least include those who have already retired and count on these funds in their budget.

  4. Reg, is this FERS suppliment still in play for FY 2018? I heard the new FY 2019 Budget is getting ready to be rolled out any day now. I suspect this FERS suppliment issue will come back in it. I know they want to kill the suppliment but if someone is retired already and they yank this suppliment from under them, I would think the retiree would have reemployment rights. Too complicated….I can’t see them taking it from retirees after they left cause this was in their pay.
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