Q. I am 51 on Dec. 19, 2017. I have been with the government for 34 years. I have been offered Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment and Voluntary Early Retirement Authority. Can I take advantage of both? If I accept the VSIP and get the $25,000 buyout, can I keep my health insurance and benefits for life thru VERA? From my understanding, if I accept the VSIP, I will lose my health benefits in 18 months. Since I qualify for both VSIP and VERA, can I take both and get the buyout and keep the health benefits?

A. Yes. You can retire under the VERA, accept the VSIP, and continue your FEHB coverage in retirement.


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  1. I am a federal employment with almost 39 years service. I previously accepted an early out bonus in 1995 while living in TX. My mom passed and Dad needed help at home in AL. I returned to federal service after being off 7-1/2 years. My question is: If a VERA/VISP is offered to my organization, would I be eligible to apply after having accepted the early out bonus earlier.

    • You could accept an offer of early retirement (VERA); however, you wouldn’t be eligible for a separation incentive payment (VSIP).

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