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Q. I had five years of federal service, bought back 10 military years, then quit federal employment at age 40. I’ll apply for a deferred pension at 62. Is there any chance of getting health care under the FEHB program then?

A. No, there isn’t. Deferred annuitants are never eligible to re-enroll in the FEHB program.


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  1. After 15 &1/2 years I retired at 61 from the 3rd Circuit Court for personal emergency matters… I will be 62 in early July … How much loss did I loose in benefits??

    • Because you are waiting to apply for your annuity until you reach age 62, that unreduced benefit will be based on your years and full months of service. There won’t be any age penalty – as there would have been – if you had applied before age 62.

  2. I am 48 years old and I have worked full time for 18 years and recently reduced to part time status 48 hours every 2 weeks for the Veterans Affairs.
    How does my part time status affect my retirement and annuity eligibility specifically the part time status makes it longer for me to get to the 30 years to retire and does the high 3 still apply for annuity computation? Thank you.

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