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Q. What is the best date to retire?

A. There is no best date to retire. However, here is some information may help you to make a decision: The last pay period in 2019 ends on Sat., Dec. 21. The last pay period in 2020 ends on Sat., Jan. 4. CSRS employees can retire up to the third day of any month and be on the annuity roll in that month. FERS employees must retire no later than the last day of a month to be on the annuity roll in the following month. Anyone retiring on a date other than the end of a pay period won’t receive any annual or sick leave credit for the extra days they were on the rolls. And if they retire after the new leave year begins on Jan. 5, 2020, they will lose any accrued annual leave that exceeds the annual carryover limit.


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  1. Demetria Turner on

    I was approved by OPM disability retirement in 2014. But I was given a choice to continue on OWCP I did. I just got approved for SSD in December 2019. They said I couldn’t get my back pay because of offset with OWCP. However I was told I may be eligible for reduced retirement benefits at age 62. I will be 62 in December 2019 and I was a VA employee. So please advise my best option.

  2. I’ve been on Worker-Comp for 30 years and still on Worker Comp. I was on FERS when I went on worker- comp. I’m still eligible for FERS. Do my Worker Comp time count toward my FERS retirement. Also can I change my worker- Comp to Disability Retirement under FERS.

    • OPM’s processing times depend on work load and staff availability. As a result, they vary depending on the time of year.

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