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Q: I am a retired civil service employee. If I choose to seek employment with the Transportation Security Administration, what will the effect be on my current retirement annuity? What will the effect be if I become employed by TSA and later choose to retire again?

A: What happened would depend on the position into which you were rehired. If it was a regular position, your salary would be reduced by the amount of your annuity. If you made a deposit to the retirement fund, you’d be able to receive a supplemental annuity if you were employed for at least a year or a redetermined annuity if you were employed for at least five years. On the other hand, if you were hired into a position that allowed you to keep both your full annuity and the full salary of your new position, that time would not be counted as federal service for retirement purposes. In other words, when you left your job, you would not be eligible for either a supplemental or redetermined annuity.

— Reg Jones


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