What happens when NSPS ends?


Q: I was a GS-12, and when my organization reorganized, I was assigned to a different YA-02 position and not my original position, which was converted to a YC-02 position.

I was told this was not a downgrade since I lost no pay or benefits. Now that the National Security Personnel System is ending, I understand that they must return me to my original grade and pay. The YA-02 position they assigned me to was a GS-10 before being converted to NSPS.

Will they have to put me in another position that is a GS-12 since the NSPS YA-02 position I am currently in will revert back to a GS-10?

A: You’ll have to wait until the NSPS is, in fact, ended and guidance is issued on how employees currently under that system will be transitioned back to the GS system.

— Reg Jones


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