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Q: If you retire, will you be paid for any earned hours over the 440 annual leave hours?

A: No. Because you are a Postal Service bargaining unit employee with a maximum carryover limit of 440 hours, that’s the maximum amount for which you can receive a lump-sum payment.


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  1. Re: Annual Leave paid at retirement: A VER changes the rules for that, here’s a Q & A from USPS:

    Question 61. If I separate from the Postal Service under VER, what will happen to my earned and unused annual leave?
    Answer You may be eligible for a lump sum payment for your accumulated annual leave carried over from the previous year; annual leave earned and unused in the current year including amounts over the carryover maximum; as well as any unused donated leave. And, for full-time and part-time regular employees, holidays that fall within the terminal leave period.

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