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Q: I am a GS-1811 law enforcement officer covered under the early retirement provisions of 6(c) and a Civil Service Retirement System employee. Can my four years of active-duty military service, for which I have made a redeposit into CSRS, be used to reach the 35 years (or 80 percent max annuity under CSRS) of total credited federal service (i.e., 31 years of actual federal LEO civilian service plus 4 years of military service equal 35 years of service annuity)?

A: Your first 20 years of law enforcement service will be calculated using the enhanced formula: 0.25 x your high-3 x 20 years of service. Any additional years, including active-duty service for which you paid a deposit, will be calculated as follows: 0.02 x your high-3 x all remaining service.


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