What's up with FERS Redeposit?


Q: I’ve been trying to find details on the new Federal Employees Retirement System Redeposit, but have had no luck. Do you have any details?

A: The Office of Personnel Management is still working up guidance and revising the application form. If you are retiring in the near future, OPM will tell you now how much you owe and let you make the redeposit before they finish processing your retirement application. If you aren’t retiring soon and are simply eager to get the paperwork moving, you can fill out a copy of the current Standard Form 3107, Application for Immediate Retirement, and send it to OPM. Your personnel office has copies, or you can download one by going to http://www.opm.gov and clicking on Forms.


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  1. Regarding the new law re: FERS employees re-paying deposit refunds, readers are advised they can go to fedbens.us A new calculator there will compute both how much money they owe, and (if they are eligible) how much the actuarial reduction will cut their annuity payment.

  2. I don’t know what a “redeposit” is but I do know one thing——>> I took the VERA/VSIP Incentive after 21 years of work and retired on 10/31/2009 was my last day, and guess what?? I HAVE NOT RECIEVED ANY Annuity check yet!
    I’m not kidding! I have gotten 2 meazely little $160 dollar checks as the OPM said is “just a little something to tide you over till we finish processing your package”.
    I’m going to lose my home to Auction Sale now because I had to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure of my home and I used up all my TSP funds to pay the Trustee payments in order to try and hang on to my home until it’s Sold. But, now I cannot pay the Trustee anymore because I STILL have not had my Retirement package finished being Processed by the OPM YET!
    So, remember this rule: Do not expect to get your Retirement Processed by OPM for at least a half of a year/ 6 months before you decide to Retire!
    Have a HUGE amount of money saved up (all my TSP money was not enough to make all my payments so I’m losing everything I worked for now), ALOT of money saved, as you will WAIT A VERY LONG TIME FOR OPM TO FINISH PROCESSING YOUR RETIREMENT!

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