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Q: Will I receive back pay if I wait to apply for my FERS retirement at 62? I postponed my retirement due to the penalty associated with starting before age 62. I have 15 years of service and am 61. I want to possibly wait to start my annuity because I do not want to be considered a re-employed annuitant when I apply for a job. I am currently on a temp appointment not covered by FERS and the next job will probably be a temp as well. I cannot get the job as a re-employed annuitant because the hiring agency will require special approval to hire me. I may change my mind and start Social Security and FERS when I turn 62 if I do not get back pay for my FERS retirement.

A: Whether you retired and postponed the receipt of your annuity or simply left government and applied for a deferred annuity, no back pay is due. Your annuity payments start when you annuity begins.


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