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Q: I will be leavening the Marine Corps after 13 years of service. I will be getting another government job at the U.S. Postal Service. Will my 13 years count toward my retirement? Will I only have to work for another eight years? Or will I start over and have to work for 20 more years?

A: Your 13 years of active duty service will only count if you make a deposit to the Civil Service Retirement and Disability fund. The deposit will equal a small percentage of your basic pay while on active duty. Your civilian personnel office can help you learn what you owe and arrange for you to make a deposit, if you decide to do that. No interest will be charged if you make the deposit within two years after the date on which you are first employed.


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  1. The guidance you are looking for is here
    Your DD-214 is very important when calculating the service deposit as well annual leave and other things. Bring several copis of your 214 with you on your first day of work when you process in with your HR and keep the original in a safe place. You will be part of the FERS so be sure to follow guidance for for FERS and not CSRS.

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