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Q. At age 55, with 24 years and four month’s service under FERS, I accepted the U.S. Postal Service offer of Voluntary Early Retirement, effective Aug. 1, 2009, because of my eligibility to start receiving my OPM Special Retirement Supplement (SRS) upon reaching the minimum retirement age (MRA) in July 2010. Since retiring nine months ago I have received no information about my SRS from the USPS or OPM. In all of the vast amount of available information on the SRS, I have found no instructions on if, how to or to whom I must apply for it. Since I retired one year before reaching the MRA, must I apply for the SRS to the USPS Retirement Center, to OPM, and if so, how and when?, or will my SRS automatically be added by OPM to my monthly annuity starting in July when I reach the MRA?

A. The Special Retirement Supplement will be added automatically to your annuity. The SRS will be applied to the first full month in which you have reached your MRA and payable at the end of that month.


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